Friday, December 7, 2007

Step by step Guide to Setup the SOA Applications

In this post I am going to cover Installing the required pre-reqs for SOA Application and setting up the application itself.

-- Verify Installation pre-requisites

This step will cover prerequisites software installations steps.Skip if the prerequisites are already taken care by you.

Step a: Install an Oracle Database

You need 9i,10g,Oracle Lite or XE as part of you datbase installation.


Step b: Install JDeveloper Studion (Studio Editon not the J2EE or Java Edition)

You need to Installation JDeveloper to use the design-time enviornment or based on your customzied application requirement.


Note: Please don't confused with JDeveloper versoin

Step c: Install Oracle SOA Suite

Quick start Installation of SOA

Note before begining the Installation of SOA Suite:

-The AS Instance Name is soatest.
-The AS Administrator Password is test1234.
-The default port is 8888.

1.To download Oracle SOA Suite

2.Install Oracle SOA Suite

3.When you install Oracle SOA Suite follow the below steps
- Select Basic Install.
- Set the AS Instance Name to soatest.
- Set the AS Administrator Password to test1234.

Special Note:

The Oracle SOA Suite installation sets the ORACLE_HOME environment variable for your computer. In some cases, this setting can cause a conflict with the Oracle Database. Specifically you may get errors from your Oracle Net Listener. If this is the case, then reset the ORACLE_HOME environment variable to your database location. On Windows, you may need to restart your PC.

Step d:Install the SOA applications:

Ask your development team to provide you the User application in zip format and unzip the application in a folder which is meaningful.

--Steps for Setting up the SOA User Applicaion:

Step 1: Install Oracle Database Schema
Step 2: Configure Oracle SOA Suite
Step 3: Note the Name of the OC4J Instance Running the Oracle BPEL Server
Step 4: Note the Important Port Numbers
Step 5: Create Connections in JDeveloper
Step 6: Install and Deploy the SOA User Application
Step 7: Configure the ESB Port
Step 8: Familiarize Yourself with User Application and related Schema

Uses the following references:

JDEV_HOME refers to the location of the your JDeveloper installation
ORACLE_HOME refers to the location of the your Oracle SOA Suite installation.
APPS_HOME refers to the location where you unzipped the SOA User Application ZIP file.

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