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Oracle Apps R12 Installation on Linux -VMWARE

Source: Oracle Documentation and testing enviroment created on linux on VMWARE on my laptop.

First I installed the VMWARE on XP on my laptop and then installed Oracle Enterprise Linux 4 update 5 operating system to install Oracle Applications R12.

Installation Preparation:

- Software Requirements : Which includes ar,gcc,g++,ld,ksh,make,X Display Server. JDK in part of R12. You need not install it seprately like in earlier version 11i on most of the platforms.

- X Display Server

- CPU Requirement - Depends on your enviroment demands based on number of concurrent users and their usage profiles,number of concurrent manager processes, Load etc.

- Memory Requirements: Depends on Overhead of Oracle database,SGA size,any additional software installed on box, number of Concurrent users.

- Disk Space Requirements: Depends on Stage Area for Oracle Apps R12,Language Files and Oracle Applicaitons out and log files,temp,future updates and patches and other files (e.g, o/s etc).

For Database Tier approx 45 GB for fresh install database and 133 GB for a Vision Demo database.

Applicaiton tier file systems require 28 GB.

Stage Area : If you run Rapid install from stage areas then 33 GB is required to Stage the software.

Before you start Rapid install you need to completed the following tasks:

1. Create login account depend on Single or multi user instalation

2. Create Stage Directory to stage the software of Oracle Apps R12

Stage Software contents after uncompression will be :

- Start Here
- Tools
- Databases

Also I uncompressed the Rapid Install startCD (patch 5972626) before the installation.

There are two ways to Stage the Software:

1. Download from edelivery and uncompress

2. Insert the DVD Start here and use perl script Before running this perl script include perl 5.0053 in your path and set the DISPLAY environment variable to an active and autorized display.

Note: You can mount your DVD using root user. Perl script is located in Start Here DVD under /mnt/cdrecorder/Disk1/rapidwiz/

To create Stage Directory:

1. In first method under /d01 mount point which created intially as part of o/s create StageR12 stage directory and uncompress the software from edelivery.

2. Setup the stage area directory by responding perl script options as inputIndicate the components to be staged. Insert the Rapid Install DVDs as prompted.

To Start the installation from Stage Area:

$ cd /d01/StageR12/startCD/Disk1/rapidwiz
$ ./rapidwiz

- You can start the installation using root user or oracle user. For Standard installation root user is the best option to go with. If you want to go ahead with express install then oracle user will be the best option to install Oracle Apps R12.

If you are installing first time select "create a new configuration". Restarting an installation or installing a mid tier you can use this configuration file create under base directory. In R12 file is called conf_.txt (In 11i it was config.txt).

- You can Specify DB parameters

- You can register products and country-specific functionalities

- Directory location

- Port numbers

- Database and Applicaitons Nodes Configuration Validations

Very user friendly and self explaintary screen of rapidwiz.

In any case your instalation failes you can restart the your installation using

$ ./rapidwiz -restart

I will try to post all snapshots on my blogs in future post or update the same post with snapshots including linux and vmware installation.

Location of Rapid Install logs related to installation:

Database Tier


Application Tier


CONTEXT name is SID_hostname

- Multi-Node Installation

Application Tier processing can be distributed across multiple Applications nodes. In R12 unified APPL_TOP is introduced , the same files are present on each application nodes. The difference between application nodes depends on the service groups that are enabled on each node.

In comparision to earlier release (11i) , R12 does not seperate the different APPL_TOP components (like Concurrent processing,Forms and Web)to ease the overall administration.

Step By Step Standard Installation Overview:

- execute ./rapidwiz file (rapid install wizard
- Select a Wizard Operation
- Oracle Configuration Manager
- Configuration Choice
- Global System Settings
- Database Node Configuration
- Select Licensing Type
- License Additional Products
- Licencse Products
- Select Country-Specific Functionality
- Select Internationalization Settings
- Primary Applications Node Configurations
- Primary Applicaitons Node Services
- Primary Applications Node Directories
- Review Node Information
- Additional Application Node
- Shared Application Node
- Review Additional Applications Nodes
- Review Pre-Install Tests
- Review Setup portion
- start the installation
- Monitor the status indicators and prompts
- Review Post-Installation Tests
- Review Components Installed

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