Sunday, December 9, 2007

Step by Step Guide of Installing OracleAS Metadata Repository in a New Database

Source:Oracle Documentation

Step by Step Guide of Installing OracleAS Metadata Repository in a New Database

Note:This Installation option does not install any Oracle Identity Management components.

1. Start up the installer and complete the first few screens. Follow instruction of "Install Fragment: The First Few Screens of the Installation" discussed in earlier post.

In the Select Installation Type screen, select Metadata Repository.

2. Select Configuration Options

Do not select High Availability and Replication.

Click Next.

3. Register OracleAS Metadata Repository

If you already have an Oracle Internet Directory and know its connect information, select Yes and enter the name of the computer where Oracle Internet Directory is running and the port number. See Section 4.17, "How to Determine Port Numbers Used by Components" if you do not know the port number.

Use Only SSL Connections with this Oracle Internet Directory: Select this option if you want Oracle Application Server components to use only SSL to connect to Oracle Internet Directory.

If you do not have an Oracle Internet Directory, or do not know its connect information, select No.

Click Next.

4. Specify Oracle Internet Directory Login

This screen appears only if you selected Yes in the previous screen.

Username: Enter the username for logging into Oracle Internet Directory. The user must belong to the iAS Admins group in Oracle Internet Directory.

Password: Enter the password.

Realm: This field appears only if your Oracle Internet Directory contains multiple realms. Enter the name of the realm against which to authenticate the user.

Click Next.

5. Oracle Database screens

Enter information for the OracleAS Metadata Repository database. Follow instructions of "Install Fragment: Database Screens".

6. Finish the installation.

7. Unlock the dcm schema, and set its password. This step is required only if you want to use the metadata repository for database clustering of middle-tier instances.

Set the ORACLE_HOME environment variable to point to the full path of the directory where you installed the OracleAS Metadata Repository.

Set the ORACLE_SID environment variable to the SID of the OracleAS Metadata Repository.

Unlock the dcm schema and set its password using SQL*Plus.

The following alter user command sets the password to "hello1234", but you can set it to any value.

$ $ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus "sys/password as sysdba"

SQL> alter user dcm identified by hello1234 account unlock;

Special Note:

Installation of OracleAS Metadata Repository when installing the infrastructure, the installer creates a new database and populates it with the OracleAS Metadata Repository schemas. The instance is different from other Oracle Application Server instances. During the installation of OracleAS Metadata Repository Installer does not ask for AS instance name and once the installations is finished, OEM 10gAS Server control is not started up, because it is not configured for this instance. As this instalaltion steps only install the metadata which is not required to manage.


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