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Do You know High Availability Options Does Oracle Application Server Support

Source: Oracle Documentations

Yes It provides High Availability foundation and architecture, which is suited to different customer requirements.

Oracle Application Server includes security and identity management features to provide a combination of flexibility and security across enterprise applications and infrastructures.

Oracle AS Identity Management 10g ( is an integrated, standard-based identity management solution. Oracle AS Identity management consists of different components that are deployed on multiple tiers. The availability of each component has a direct impact on the availability of the system.

A highly available OracleAS Identity Management Solutin deployment requires a highly available database, Identity Management services,and Middle tier Applications.Oracle Identity Management 10g Release ( consists of the following Identity Management components in various HA Topologies:

- Oracle Internet Directory
- Oracle Directory Integration and Provisioning (DIP)
- Oracle Single Sign On (SSO)
- Oracle Delegated Administrative Service (DSA)
- Oracle Identity Server
- Oracle Access Server
- Oracle Access Manager
- WebGate
- WebPass
- Oracle Identity Federation Server

The Primary OracleAS Identity Management High Availability architecture solutions are:

1. OracleAS Cluster (Identity Management) Topology

2. Distributed OracleAS Cluster (Identity Management) Topology

3. OracleAS Cold Failover Cluster (Infrastructure) Topology

4. Distributed Cold Failover Cluster (Infrastructure) Topology

5. OracleAS Cold Failover Cluster (Identity Management) Topology

6. Distributed OracleAS Cold Failover Cluster (Identity Management) Topology

7. Oracle Access Manager Active-Active Topology

8. Oracle Access Manager Active-Active Topology with Active-Passive OID

9. OracleAS Cold Failover Cluster Topology for Oracle Identity Federation

I will discuss the High Availability Architecture Solutions in my future posts.

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