Saturday, January 26, 2008

R12 Oracle Application Framework

In this post I am going to discuss about R12 Oracle Applicaiton Framework Components and it processing.

Oracle Application Framework is the development platform for HTML-based applications. It consist of a java-based application tier framework and associated services. It designed to facilitate the rapid deployment of HTML-based applications.

Oracle Application Framework uses below components:


  • It provides the OAF with underlying security and applicaiton Java Services.Also OAF with its connection to the DB and with application-specific functionality for e.g attachments and flexfields.

  • BC4J

  • JDeveloper incluedes BC4J. Java Business components are created by BC4J for representing business logic. It seperates the business logic from UI by mapping the relational tables to java objects.

  • Java Controller

  • It processes the programmatic UI definition.

  • Metadata UI Definition

  • Apache Jserv module provides the Java servlet engine uses metadata dictionary to to construct the Framework UI.

  • HTML Generator UIX

  • UIX , the HTML Generator

    HTML-based applicaiton uses the following path with OAF on application Tiers. The steps are discussed below.

    a)User click a function on browser (HTML hyperlink access).
    b)URL request to the web listener sent by browser.
    c)User access validated by AOL/J.
    d)Page definition is loaded from the metadata dicitionary on the DB tier into the application Tier (i,e. Metadata UI definition)
    e)BC4J objects that contain the application logic and access the database are instantiated.
    f)Java controller programatically manipulates the page definition as necessary, based on dynamic UI rules.
    g)HTML UI Generatior (UIX)interprets the page definition. It creates the related HTML based on UI standards, and send the page to the browser.


    Rohit Kshirsagar said...

    hi !
    that appears to be a neat intro.
    could u please tell me where can i get to read about the OAF in detail?

    AppsFusion said...

    Hi Rohit,

    Ref :Note:391554.1:Subject: Oracle Application Framework Documentation Resources, Release 12

    Hope this helps.

    Rohit Kshirsagar said...

    how do i access that.
    We are a group of trainees and would be working on OAF. apart from the fwkdevguide are there any sources which can make the initial learning a bit easy so that we can grasp the concepts.

    Unknown said...

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