Friday, January 4, 2008

Oracle Application R12 Quick Notes

Some helpful quick notes on R12 and will keep updating in future too.

Quick Notes:

1. NLS Setting: It is possible to convert from some characters sets to others at a later stage. But there are some exceptions or restrictions.

For example,You can covert the US7ASCII to UTF8, but not from UTF8 to US7ASCII.In this case profile option is set at site-level when you run Rapid install. The language you choose as the base language is used for the language profile. The default settings for date and number formats are derived from the territory profile setting.

2. R12 provides multilingual support for text parts of Oracle applications and for products data. It is because of UTF8 character set, you can if required run a number of languages in a single instance. When you run Rapid install you have an option to choose character set for both the database and the Applications products.

3. Use an alias for host machine when you start Rapid Instal: To use an alias use the -servername command line option with rapidwiz. Here you are not using the actual name of host machine.

$ ./rapidwiz -servername rghost

4. On Primary Application Node should have services enabled :

For Web and Forms Services : Root Service, Web Entry Point Services, Web Application Services, and Other Service Group

For Concurrent Processing Services: Batch Processing Services

5. The Services Explanation are below:

Root Service => Oracle Process Manager (OPMN)
Web Entry Point Services => HTTP Server
Web Application Services => OACORE OC4J,Forms OC4J, OAFM OC4J
Batch Processing Services => Application TNS Listener , Concurrent Managers,Fulfillment Server.
Other Service Group => Oracle Forms Services, Oracle MWA Services

6. In R12 unified APPL_TOP is introduced, the same files are present on each application node.Now service groups that are activated on each node differentiate between application node.

7. Oracle Application access URL in R12 and previous releases.


Default port is 8000.

8. Change the password of users after installations are system,sys,apps,ap,inv etc.

9. Applet in client Browser:Instead of using browser JVM, Sun J2SE Natiave plug-in used by Oracle applcation R12,which is automatically invoked when a user chooses a function that requires it for exmaple running a form.

10. is a perl script that clones the context file.

11. Use of Forms Listener Servlet is the default of Release 12.


Anonymous said...

Hi ,

I am new to this forum. I have one issue in R12 with OL 5

After cloning R12 in OL 5.
I can login if i click forms it showing FRM-92101 error .
I tried compile the forms , package
but till the issue is not resolved.

Can you give valuable suggestion


AppsFusion said...

Hi Yaseen,

Can you please cut and paste the logs and java stack trace.

It is generic error and depends on what you have done while doing cloning.

1) Do you have any error in your clone logs.
2) As you stated you compiled form etc. Did you try generating the jars again.
3) Uninstall Jinitiator and restart your desktop and install it again.
4) Follow the metalink not which is not for cloning issue but install issue.

Let me know if your issue resolved or not. It is very important to know what all error you have in logs.

Anonymous said...


What i know is that by default jinitiator is not installed on R12.

Any comments.

AppsFusion said...

Yes you are right.

Unknown said...

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