Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oracle Applicaitons (EBS)11.5.9CU2 upgrade to R12.1.3 includes Platform Migration from HP-UX 11.23 to HP-UX 11.31 and Integration with Portal/SSO/SSL

Oracle Application 11.5.9CU2 upgrade to Oracle application R12.1.3. This upgrade includes upgrade from Portal 3.0.9 , Portal Login server/SSL to Portal 10g/SSO/SSL. Also database upgrade from to patchset. Also I am going to discuss about various paths to upgrade to R12..

The most important aspect of the upgrade to assess you current EBS 11i system techinically and functionally.

Here in the article will be going to cover the technically aspect but will give some guidance on functional aspect.

On Hold.


Aman said...

Looks like you have not posted any articles from a long time. Please do the same. TIA - Aman

AppsFusion said...

Thanks Aman. Nowadays travelling a lot so unable to write the post. I am going to start very soon. If you have any questions you can leave on my blog will reply.


Unknown said...

you have a nice site. thanks for sharing this valuable resources. keep it up. anyway, various kinds of ebooks are available here

sneha said...

Hi i am new bee to Oracle apps..i found u r blog to be very informative...

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AppsFusion said...

Thanks Sneha. I am back on my blog.

Unknown said...

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