Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Step by Step Information on R12 - How to Validate APPS Schema

In day to day activity DBA's encounter issues related to invalid objects. Common solution to the problem is running adadmin utility and utlrp script. In this post we are going to discuss invalid APPS schema not objects.

Now the question must be in your mind in what situations you really needs to validate the APPS Schema.

Here we go....

  • If face any problem with AD_DDL package at runtime

  • When patch is applied. You can run this only once even you apply more then one patches at a time.

  • If you upgraded Oracle applications or applied Maintenance pack

  • After migration using export/import

  • After Custom development of APPS Schema

  • Methods to validate APPS Schema

    On Unix:
    1. Run system/passowrd @$AD_TOP/admin/sql/advrfapp.sql
    2. Using adadmin utility and opt for "1. Validate APPS Schema" under "Maintain Applications Database Entities".

    Steps to Validate APPS Schema

    1.Run adadmin utility. Select the option "Maintain Applications Database Entities" from main menu of AD Administration.

    2.Select "Validate APPS Schema" from sub-menu of "Maintain Applications Database Entities".

    3. Now review the output file located at $APPL_TOP/admin/SID/out. The report name will be .lst. Look for any missing or invalid pacakges , synonyms or invalid objects in APPS schema. Also check and verify for table or sequences in APPS and base schema. Follow the instruction in the file to resolve any issues.

    Hope this helps.

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