Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Step by Step Information on Oracle Application R12 Environment files - Part 2

I started in my last post about environment files..

In todays post I am going to discuss some more environment files which an APPS DBA should know.

  • adovars.env file

  • adovars.env file which is located under $APPL_TOP/admin, and called from <CONTEXT_NAME.env>. This files specifies various types of file location using various environment variables like

  • JAVA_TOP -> All java files are copied here and it is the top-level directory

  • CLASSPATH -> It lists the directories and zip file for java class files needed at runtime.

  • OA_JRE_TOP -> JRE installation location.

  • OAD_TOP -> Context-sensitive documentation files are copied at this location.

  • LD_LIBRARY_PATH -> To list the directories for dyanmic library files needed at runtime.

  • OAH_TOP -> HTML files are copied at this location.

  • fndenv.env File

  • This default values should not be modified of this file. This file is located under $FND_TOP direcotry. It sets additional environment varialbes used by Oracle AOL (i.e, Applcation Object Library).

  • devenv.env file

  • This file is located under $FND_TOP and is called by fndenv.env for the purpose of compile and link custom Oracle Forms user exits and concurrent program with Oracle Applications. It sets variable that help you link third-party software and your own custom applications with Oracle Applications.

  • adconfig.txt File

  • This file is located under $APPL_TOP/admin directory and AD utility perform a variety of database and file management task for which they require acces to specific configuration information. This information is specified when Oracle Application is installed. It is stored in the adconfig.txt file.

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