Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Steps Involved in Cloning for Mulit-Node Systems in R12 EBS Enviornment

I am going discuss in this post Steps involved in Cloning Mulit-Node Systems in R12 EBS environemnt. Rapid clone also used for Mulit-Node System cloning like Single-Node System.

In R12 Release,only one copy of the files for the application tier nodes needs to be copied to the target system as new feature of unified APPL_TOP introduced. In which all files required for all application tier services are included with every applications node, with multiple nodes being differentitated by the services started on each.You can clone using shared file system too.You can specify the services to start for each target node while entering response to the prompts during configuration steps.

To add non-shared applications nodes,carry out the copy and configure steps in the same way as on Primary Node.

  • Clone a Single-Node System to Mulit-Node System

  • This method of cloning allows the original node system to be cloned into a multi-node system.

    Pre-Steps on the source and all target nodes.

    a. Verify source and target node software versions
    b. Apply the latest Rapid Clone patch (if required or applicable)
    c. Set up Rapid Clone on the Apps Tier.
    d. Set up Rapid Clone on the DB Tier.

    Steps involved in Cloning procedure

    a. Prepare the source system
    b. Copy the Source system to the Target System
    c. Configure the Target System
    d. Post clone Steps like Profile update,utl_file_dir,Printer update, Workflow mailer etc.

  • Cloning a Mulit-Node System to a Mulit-Node System

  • 1. A multi-node system can be cloned if the number of nodes and distribution of servers inthe target system matches that of the source system.

    2. To clone a multi-node system to multi-node system perform the cloning process on each node.

    Special Note: Always cloned database instance first.


    Unknown said...

    hi sir

    i undetsood your post. can you explain me how can i split apps tier into two nodes. while single node to multi node cloning.

    after adpreclone scripts ran from db and apps tier how can i split in to nodes(apps tier).

    iam very thank full to you explain me on this topic..

    AppsFusion said...


    I hope you read R12 concept manual and you are aware about unified APPL_TOP. Ref to your query please ref metalink note # 406982.1.

    Zee said...

    my system is running in 2 node db and apps on another and the db is running on ASM and it is on rman backup ... can u tell me the steps involve in cloning do i first need to convert the ASm to non asm as my test enviornment is running on non asm but the production is ruining on ASM ...what well be the steps for doing cloning using rman

    Unknown said...

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